Recall the homeless man's narrative ( UFC assignment)

Recall the homeless man's narrative ( UFC assignment)

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Recall the homeless man's narrative ( UFC assignment)
Recall the homeless man's narrative ( UFC assignment)

1.  What happened to him?

2.   What could the man have done differently to avoid such a fate?

3.   What pieces of advice would you give him.

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Homeless Man: Hello young man! What brings you to this neck of the woods?

Reporter: Actually, I was wondering if I could interview you for my newspaper.

Homeless Man: Me? About what?

Reporter: Well, we're doing a series of articles on the homeless and I….

Homeless Man: And you want to know what happened to me? What I live on? and what it's like to live from hand to mouth?

Reporter: Uh, yeah. I do want to know. Would you would you be willing to tell me your story?

Homeless Man: You go to about 3 hours?

Reporter: Whatever we need.

Homeless Man: Well then, go ahead and sit down.

Reporter: Thanks. let's see, well, first, I'd like to ask you….

Homeless Man: No questions. Just listen. You think I grew up poor. Don't you? That I don't have any education. But you are dead wrong. I have a college degree. I worked for a big company. My parents would turn over in their grades if they could see me now.

Reporter: But how….?

Homeless Man: I said no questions. Just sit still and listen. In the beginning, I got up at 5:00A.M. everyday and was at work by 7:00. And I stayed at the office till 8:00 in the evening. Thirteen hours! That was the only way I could keep up with all the work. It just never lets up. I never saw my family very much because when I got home, I usually went straight to bed. But I guess I was doing a pretty good job because I kept moving up the ladder. I became manager and got more money. But I also had to work even more hours and weekends too. You can imagine that my wife never stopped complaining. She told me that I was getting burned out and had no time for a life.

Reporter: That must have been really hard to hear.

Homeless Man: Yeah my marriage was at stake, so I went to my boss and asked for a vacation. He told me to wait three more months. He needed me there. So, nothing changed, day in and day out, I worked and worked. Eventually, my wife left. And guess what? The company closed down a year later. The economy was bad that I couldn't find another job. Over time I lost everything. Hey! How many hours do you work?

Reporter: uh….

Homeless Man: Too many I am sure. I just hope you know what you're doing.

Reporter: Things could change for you, you know, you could start over after all your educated.

Homeless Man: That's wishful thinking young man.

Answer 01 :

Through the conversation, he mentioned that he lost his job after the company closed for economic reasons and his marriage was spoiled, meaning that he lost everything, even though he had degrees that qualify him to participate and obtain alternative jobs, which he was unable to do.

Answer 02 :

In order to avoid the catastrophic loss of the man, it is only by following the strategy of bilateral work, that is, alternative work, which is choosing to work in two different fields, taking into account providing time for married life by allocating work holidays and leisure time to search for alternative family time, which is effective for a tight family system and avoid falling In crises such as the loss of work and the loss of the marital bond, which in itself cannot be compensated

The best solution in order to avoid losing any job is to choose a place and working conditions that are more appropriate to the nature of the person, such as working hours, type of contract, company conditions, and anticipating what will happen by preparing for alternative work.

Answer 03:

The best advice that can be given to him is to obtain a formal education in any field because he has a base and a pivot that can be relied upon in order to make differences in scientific life and professional formation, or to benefit from the experience he gained in his field in order to apply to competing companies that specialize in providing services in the same field. Although it does not require a new settlement, but it is an alternative solution in order to save some work and the beginning of the ruins of some losses that cannot be compensated through work, such as emotional relationships, especially marriage, which must be respected given that it is a factor and influence in the practical life of any social axis.

The second solution is to hasten to enter into an emotional relationship or to search for a second marriage that gives an emotional spring.

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