The full form of the abbreviations/ Study Task 2 ufc promo 2023

The full form of the abbreviations/ Study Task 2 ufc promo 2023

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The full form of the abbreviations/ Study Task 2 ufc promo 2023
The full form of the abbreviations/ Study Task 2 ufc promo 2023
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Check the full form of the abbreviations in column 1.

Short form

Full form






















re sim soc stat thru trad v vs.


 This activity is designed to test and reinforce your knowledge of various commonly used abbreviations in the English language. Let's break down the explanations for each abbreviation:

  1. = - Equal: This symbol is used to denote equality or equivalence.
  2. =ity - Equality: The addition of "ity" forms a noun that represents the state or quality of being equal.
  3. agnst - Anxiety or Fear: This abbreviation stands for emotions related to worry, unease, or fear.
  4. AM - Ante Meridiem: This is a Latin term meaning "before noon" and is used to denote the morning hours before midday.
  5. approx - Approximately: This abbreviation is a shortened form of the word "approximately," indicating an estimated or rough value.
  6. ASAP - As Soon As Possible: This acronym is commonly used to convey urgency, urging prompt action.
  7. b/c - Because: This abbreviation is a concise way of expressing the word "because," indicating the reason or cause of something.
  8. bk - Book: This abbreviation represents the written or printed work containing pages bound together, typically with a protective cover.
  9. btwn - Between: This shorthand form stands for the word "between," indicating a position or relation in the middle of two things.
  10. cont. - Continued: This abbreviation signifies that something is extended or prolonged from a previous point.
  11. cp. - Compare: This term is used to show the similarity or dissimilarity between two or more things.
  12. ct: - Court: This abbreviation refers to a place where legal matters are adjudicated or a specific judicial body.
  13. def. - Definition: This shortened form represents a concise explanation or statement that describes the meaning of a word or phrase.
  14. devel - Development: This term signifies the process of growth, advancement, or progress.
  15. e.g. - Exempli Gratia: This Latin abbreviation is used to introduce an example or a list of examples.
  16. expl - Explanation: This term refers to a detailed statement or clarification that makes something clear or easy to understand.
  17. fr - From: This abbreviation denotes the point of origin or the starting point of something.
  18. i.e., - that is: This is an abbreviation of the Latin term "id est," used to clarify or rephrase a statement.
  19. lrg - Large: This abbreviation represents the quality of being big or having considerable size.
  20. nec - Necessary: This term signifies something that is required or essential.
  21. PM - Post Meridiem: This Latin term means "after noon" and is used to denote the afternoon or evening hours.
  22. re - Regarding: This abbreviation indicates something is concerning or in reference to a particular subject.
  23. sim - Similar: This term denotes a likeness or resemblance between two or more things.
  24. soc - Society: This abbreviation refers to a group of individuals living together in a community and sharing common interests and culture.
  25. stat - Statute or Statistic: Depending on context, this abbreviation can represent a written law or a numerical summary of data.
  26. thru - Through: This abbreviation signifies movement from one side or end to another.
  27. trad - Traditional: This term represents practices, beliefs, or customs that are passed down from generation to generation.
  28. v - Versus: This abbreviation indicates a contest or conflict between two parties.
  29. vs. - Versus: Similar to the previous abbreviation, this is used to denote a competition or comparison between two entities.
  30. w - With: This abbreviation represents being accompanied by or in the company of someone or something.

In summary, this activity helps reinforce your understanding of common abbreviations and their meanings, ranging from time-related expressions to legal terms and everyday language.

 Check the full table

 Check the full form of the abbreviations in column 1.


Check the full form of the abbreviations in column 1.


Short form

Full form

=ity agnst AM

approx ASAP

b/c bk btwn cont. cp.

ct: def. devel e.g. expl fr i.e., lrg nec PM

re sim soc stat thru trad v vs.




Anxiety or Fear

Ante Meridiem


As Soon As Possible









Exempli Gratia



that is



Post Meridiem




Statute or Statistic







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