Civilization First lesson course/ UFC, résumer with activities promo 2023(culture in Britain vs Political Culture in the US

Civilization First lesson course/ UFC, résumer with activities promo 2023(culture in Britain vs Political Culture in the US

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Civilization First lesson course/ UFC, résumer with activities promo 2023(culture in Britain vs Political Culture in the US
Civilization First lesson course/ UFC, résumer with activities promo 2023(culture in Britain vs Political Culture in the US


The document titled "Culture in Britain Vs. Political Culture in the USA" offers an insightful comparison of the political cultures in Britain and the United States. This analysis delves into the intricate dynamics of each country's political environment, shaped by their unique historical developments, forms of government, and approaches to party politics and political participation. The comparison draws attention to the profound influences of Britain's historical events such as the Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution, and the USA's founding principles emanating from the American Revolution. By exploring these diverse political landscapes, the document provides a nuanced understanding of how cultural underpinnings in both nations have evolved to influence their current political practices and citizen participation.

Summary of the lesson

  • Historical Background: The political culture in Britain has evolved over centuries, influenced by key historical events such as the Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution. These events have fostered a culture that values conservatism, practical solutions, and an awareness of social classes. In contrast, the political culture in the United States originated from the American Revolution. This has led to an emphasis on individual rights, freedom, and a belief in the unique character of the nation, often referred to as "American exceptionalism."
  • Form of Government: The United Kingdom operates under a constitutional monarchy paired with a parliamentary system. In this structure, the monarch serves as a ceremonial figure, while real political power is held by the Prime Minister. The United States, however, is structured as a federal democratic republic, where powers are distinctly divided among three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.
  • Party Politics: In the UK, the political landscape is characterized by a multi-party system. This system is notable for the prominent role played by regional parties, although the majority of power tends to be held by two main parties. The political scene in the USA is predominantly a two-party system, with the Democratic and Republican parties holding sway. This system presents substantial challenges for third-party candidates to gain significant ground.
  • Political Participation: In terms of political engagement, Britain typically experiences higher voter turnout and is more prone to public protests and demonstrations. The United States, conversely, has traditionally seen lower rates of voter participation. However, it has a stronger culture of grassroots activism, along with a significant presence of lobbying and advocacy groups actively influencing political processes.


Test your knowledge on the political cultures of Britain and the USA!

This quiz is designed to challenge and deepen your understanding of the distinct historical developments, forms of government, party politics, and modes of political participation that shape the political landscapes of Britain and the USA. Whether you are a student, a political enthusiast, or simply curious, these questions will help you explore and compare the rich political heritages and contemporary practices of these two influential nations.

  • Content Areas: Historical Background, Government Systems, Party Politics, Political Participation
  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate
  • Ideal For: Students, Educators, Political Science Enthusiasts


  1. Historical Background of Britain's Political Culture
    • Q: What historical event significantly shaped Britain's political culture?
      • A) The French Revolution
      • B) The American Revolution
      • C) The Magna Carta
      • D) The Russian Revolution
    • Correct Answer: C) The Magna Carta
  2. Key Concepts in American Political Culture    
    • Q: What concept is central to the USA's political culture, born from the American Revolution?
      • A) Conservatism
      • B) Monarchy
      • C) American exceptionalism
      • D) Class consciousness
    • Correct Answer: C) American exceptionalism
  3. British Form of Government
    • Q: What type of government does Britain have?
      • A) Federal Republic
      • B) Constitutional Monarchy
      • C) Absolute Monarchy
      • D) Direct Democracy
    • Correct Answer: B) Constitutional Monarchy
  4. USA's Separation of Powers
    • Q: Which branch is NOT part of the USA’s separation of powers?
      • A) Executive
      • B) Legislative
      • C) Judicial
      • D) Electoral
    • Correct Answer: D) Electoral
  5. Party Politics in the UK
    • Q: What is characteristic of the UK's party system?
      • A) Single-party dominance
      • B) Two-party system
      • C) Multi-party system with regional significance
      • D) No party system
    • Correct Answer: C) Multi-party system with regional significance
  6. US Party System
    • Q: The USA's political system is best described as:
      • A) A multi-party system
      • B) A two-party system
      • C) A single-party system
      • D) A no-party system
    • Correct Answer: B) A two-party system
  7. Voter Turnout in Britain 
    • Q: How does voter turnout in Britain generally compare to the USA?
      • A) Higher
      • B) Lower
      • C) About the same
      • D) No data available
    • Correct Answer: A) Higher
  8. Political Participation in the USA

9.       Q: Which form of political participation is more prevalent in the USA?

      • A) Grassroots activism
      • B) Political demonstrations
      • C) Voter turnout
      • D) Monarchist movements
    • Correct Answer: A) Grassroots activism
  1. British Political Demonstrations
    • Q: In Britain, what form of political participation is more common compared to the USA?
      • A) Lobbying
      • B) Protests and demonstrations
      • C) Grassroots activism
      • D) Political indifference
    • Correct Answer: B) Protests and demonstrations
  2. Role of Regional Parties in UK Politics

11.   Q: What is the role of regional parties in the UK political system?

      • A) They have no significant role
      • B) They form the government
      • C) They play a significant role
      • D) They are banned
    • Correct Answer: C) They play a significant role

Multi-Task Question:

"Analyze the Differences in Political Culture between Britain and the USA"

Given the following statements, identify which (A, B, C, or D) applies to Britain, the USA, both, or neither:

  1. Historical Influence of a Revolution: This country's political culture is significantly influenced by a historic revolution emphasizing liberty and individual rights.
  2. Form of Government: The government system in this country is a federal democratic republic with a clear separation of powers.
  3. Party Politics: This country has a multi-party system where regional parties play a significant role.
  4. Political Participation: This country is known for higher voter turnout and a stronger tradition of protests and demonstrations.


  • A) Britain
  • B) USA
  • C) Both Britain and the USA
  • D) Neither Britain nor the USA


  1. B) USA - The American Revolution significantly shaped the USA's political culture.
  2. B) USA - The USA is a federal democratic republic with separated powers.
  3. A) Britain - Britain has a multi-party system with notable regional party influence.
  4. A) Britain - Britain generally sees higher voter turnout and more frequent protests and demonstrations.